thrifty tips!


mybabydelilah said: 

I can NEVER find my size at thrift stores! TELL ME THE SECRET OF YOUR WAYS

So, rule #1 for me is the bigger the thrift store, the bigger the odds for finding something

For instance! If the plus-size section at the store you’re going to is one rack or smaller, you obviously have less chances for finding something at all, let alone something you want. 

Keep in mind that to find something good at a thrift store, you have to really look. I always tell myself that part of the reason why everything is so cheap is because you have to work to find the good stuff. 

Going to thrift stores (especially Goodwill’s, because they give tax write-offs) that are closer to ~*nicer~* neighborhoods is another good tactic, because you can get expensive stuff for really cheap prices that way! 

And lastly, the rest of it is just basic Shopping for Fatties. Try everything on, even if you think it might not quite fit. I have a wonderful mint green dress that is listed as a size 4, but it fits me perfectly. Also make sure to look for things with stretchy fabric so it has more give. And remember, if something doesn’t fit you, that is not a failure on your part. It is clothing’s purpose to fit us, not the other way around.


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