My new $5 hoodie from savers.


My new $5 hoodie from savers.

Dear Korean Hair Store Owners……..



By: Eden Hansom

Us naturals are not dumb.

We’re a SPECIAL blend of black people. The kind you’re not used to dealing with.

The kind that RESEARCH not just products to use on our hair, but the history of hair as well. And as history has taught us, you don’t think too highly of our kind. You just want our money. You want our money SO much that when a BLACK entrepreneur would like to come up and own THEY’RE OWN hair supply store, you either refuse to sell hair to them or try and upsale to get more.

That ain’t cool.

But alas, has there been a little dip in in your revenue in recent years? Obviously so, because against my better judgement I went into a store of yours to see natural hair products sitting on display. Yes, SOME black women (who don’t know any better) may fall victim to your shit and buy from you….but not the rest of us. We all know too well not to invest anymore money into your greedy ass pockets. Us, the smart ones, know that not only can we MAKE products that are good for our hair but we can buy BLACK OWNED products straight from the creator. 

I don’t hate you all. I don’t hate people. I’m just not for your shit. And the same way that you choose to only help your people, I’m going to continue to do the same for mine. 

You think you’re slick but guess what? You’re fucking with an INTELLIGENT, PROUD, BLACK WOMAN. She may get pissed at her community from time to time but will continue to support those because we deserve it.


Eden Hansom


So you were THAT desperate and thought THAT lowly of us that we’d ACTUALLY buy the same products we can get offline or in a Black store?