Thrift Store Clothing


Whenever people act disgusted with the idea of a thrift store it honestly degrades how I see them. One, because these people have exaggerated ideas of what the clothes at thrift stores look like and consist of, thinking they’ll get some kind of infectious rash or something.  Two, because you are NOT so important that you need a brand new one of everything. How self-centered is that anyways? A lot of garments outlast however long their original buyer wants them. I know in my life I’ve given away A LOT of clothes that are perfectly fine I just grew out of them or something. Also, do you even know what it takes to make that pair of jeans? That shirt- the labor? The resources? Three, because if someone else pays for you to do your clothes shopping and they’re strapped for cash like a lot of people are it’s incredibly selfish and unnecessary to go pay a shit ton of money at basic ass clothing stores like Hollister. 

Also you know, if you shop at certain thrift stores you’re totally helping out local people and the local economy. 

I, personally, have bought a lot of my clothes at a thrift store that does things like host local artists in a lobby area, hosts free wifi for the community, gives away kids books and sells other books for super cheap, and helps give a lot of people in dire situations some decent clothes. Thrift stores do actually have a lot of good stuff too. I just recently found theeee cutest blazer for like five dollars that would have normally been at least thirty, and two pairs of jeans that fit me just right for like three dollars each. 

And another thing- I don’t know anyone who throws away their clothes, but seriously- don’t do it. Donate your shit, okay. Just because you can’t sell it at a yard sale or give it to a relative doesn’t mean it’s worthless. You might not get something out of it yourself but someone else could.

Like, there is no reason to purposefully avoid a thrift store. They are some of the coolest shops around. Go donate, go shop, just go.